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The Gawler Ranges


Set amongst large hills and gullies with rocky gorges, Gawler Ranges National Park offers an array of historic and geological features to discover.

Marvel at the ancient rock formations such as the dramatic Organ Pipes, which formed as a result of volcanic eruptions more than 1500 million years ago or explore the heritage sites of Old Paney Homestead, Policeman's Point and the Pondanna farm precinct. There are also several sites of Aboriginal significance in the park, mainly archaeological and burial sites.

The Gawler Ranges is a haven for native wildlife and is home to more than 162 fauna species and 976 flora species, including several of conservation significance. As you explore the park, look out for wildlife such as the Major Mitchell (Pink Cockatoo), the scarlet-breasted parrot and the southern hairy-nosed wombat.

The park provides fantastic opportunities for sightseeing, photography, touring by 4WD and the chance to enjoy a remote bush camping experience.

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